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BPI Energy Audits | Weatherization

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Peachtree BPI Certified Services include: Energy audits and weatherization services such as insulation, air sealing, moisture mitigation, and weather proofing.

The Home Health Upgrade


Supporting the comfort, health, and efficiency of your home. Life is short. Quality of life is vital.

When improving the quality of your life you can also reduce your cost of living.

Your home is the last place you want to feel uncomfortable, and yet so many people suffer in an uncomfortable home. They know that the remedy for their discomfort may be simple, but they’re concerned that the price will be excessive. What if I told you that it would save money - not cost money - to upgrade the health of your home?

Discomfort in the home can result from many factors. Drafts caused by poor insulation produce a chill in the room. Poor humidity control leads to condensation around the home envelope and results in the growth of toxic molds that cause allergies and infection. Dust and carbon monoxide filtering through poorly sealed ceilings and floors cause odors and may cause a variety of health disorders. Beyond the harmful effects to your health, poor humidity control can cause irreversible structural damage, like dry rot, which compromises the structure of your house.

The Home Health Upgrade takes Weatherization One Step Further.

What we offer through our Home Health Upgrade is more than a simple weatherization program, where blower tests are performed and insulation is updated along with weatherization strips and window caulking. We provide those services but take the process a step further by ensuring that the envelope that protects your home from the elements is solid. We do this in a way that prevents heat loss and locks toxins away from the family. We also strengthen your aging home with necessary structural supports and ensure that your fire alarms are in working order and your emergency exits are clear and accessible.

How do we upgrade the health of your home?

The Home Health Upgrade will require a professional analysis of your home. Our BPI certified specialists will test your home, using a blower that fits into the main door jamb of your home. The blower consists of a seal with a high-speed fan that allows us to test the air pressure, exfiltration (air loss), and heat loss that your home suffers from. With the resulting information, we can give you a full prognosis that allows you to see all of the changes we can use to address the efficiency, comfort, and health issues in your home. We can also help you determine which changes will be most important, working within your budget to gain the greatest benefits for your home and family.

Small upgrades can make noticeable changes in the comfort and health of your family.

Once we’ve tightened all the areas around your windows and doors, we use foam and high-density insulations to prevent heat loss and to control air movement. Once air movement in your home has been stabilized, we calculate how much movement is needed to maximize the comfort of your living space. To do that, we use air handlers and exhaust fans that move the air in a pattern that makes your home comfortable.

We create balance and efficiency in your home so that minimum amounts of energy are required for heating and cooling your space and your water tanks. We tighten the design of your home equipment, envelope, appliances and lighting. We then build systems that are fully compatible so that the air pressure throughout your home, and in each individual zone, are steady and comfortable.

Your investment in the health of your home and family will save you money.

In fact, the Home Health Upgrade saves you money within 3 to 5 years by reducing energy consumption in your home by 50%. Even in new houses, built to current codes, our Home Health Upgrade can reduce energy consumption by 30%.

The cost for a Home Health Upgrade for typical home, measuring 1,500 square feet, is around $10,000 to $15,000. Calculated over the course of 5 years, that equals $167 to $250 per month, which you should see reflected in savings on your energy bills. After the first 3 to 5 years, your energy savings will be money in your pocket.

As an additional incentive for you to upgrade the health of your home, when you ask Peachtree Builders to complete a full Home Health Upgrade, you receive the audit….a $1,500 value….for free.

Why Peachtree?

Just as you would spend time choosing the right doctor for your own health needs, you want to make certain you are choosing the most qualified builders to improve the health of your home. We build relationships based on integrity, earning your respect through sound practices. Our customers return to us year after year because we build relationships when we build homes.

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Certified Professionals

The building professionals at Peachtree Builders, Inc. are BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified as Building Envelope Professionals, which means that we are part of a network of specially trained and certified analysts that provide comprehensive inspections of building systems.

Our Home Health Upgrade will bring your home and your family back to good health using the techniques and practices that have been proven to improve home efficiency, comfort, and health and cut energy costs in half.

To learn more about our Home Health Upgrade, you can reach us at 802-674-6005, or you can fill out the form on our contact page and one of our certified specialists will get in touch with you.


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