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Our Services


Pre-Construction Services:
Proper planning is an important step in any project. Making sure that everyone - from the client to the architect and general contractor - is on the same page before the job commences is key to the success of the project.

Peachtree Builders will tirelessly communicate through the initial estimate. The estimate will need to be completed with a full and clear scope of work, as well as thorough meetings with the owner and designer. We make sure the specification and completed plans allow for a final project budget and an accurate time schedule.

Construction Services:
Our project manager will closely follow your project. He will communicate daily with the onsite project supervisor to make sure the expectations of all are successfully met. The project manager is responsible for cost control, making sure invoicing of all materials and subcontractors is accurate. He will also insist that the project is in compliance with state and local building codes and regulations - from beginning to end. A weekly meeting with the client/owner is one way we ensure that the expectations of all parties are clear and accurate. Evaluating time schedules, change orders, and project status enables the Peachtree Builders team to ensure a successful project and a satisfied client.

Final Stage:
The project manager will schedule the final walkthrough; during this time, any and all final loose ends will be addressed. These punch list items will be completed in a timely fashion, with final payment not expected until you, our client, is 100% satisfied. Peachtree Builders also warrantees our work for 1 year after initial project completion.

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