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Gibbs Dormer Addition

The homeowners wanted to create a space for their in-laws, where they could spend the summers and enjoy family time together.
The second floor of the garage was a possibility, but would require a carefully considered structural design floor plan.


Although the floor space was about 760 square feet, it was not all usable due to the slope of the roof framing. Adding a full dormer along one side created much more usable space with full ceiling height.


With careful design and materials selection, the bathroom was able to fit under the roof of the connector from the house.


The limited head room and awkward space caused by the roof slope on the other side was a great place for closets and storage.

storage area 1 storage area 2
storage area 3 storage area 4


The space created by constructing the dormer allowed for a large bedroom and a spacious open kitchen and living room area where family and friends can gather. living space 1
living space 2 living space 3


The owners wanted to finish the interior, so at this time the only available pictures, post-project, are of the exterior. dormer addition finished front
dormer addition finished side dormer addition finished rear view



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