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Peachtree BPI Certified Services include: Energy audits and weatherization services such as insulation, air sealing, moisture mitigation, and weather proofing.

Johnson Basement Stairs Repair

The homeowners knew that their basement stairs needed attention but didnít want the expense of replacing them.


The bottom few treads and risers were removed to expose the stringers (the structural boards that give the stairs support). Two of the three stringers had rotted from being exposed to moisture. Although the basement floor was now concrete, it was dirt when the stairs were built. The moisture from the dirt had rotted the lower part of the stringers, causing a structural failure.


stair repair before


The rotted section of the stringers was removed and replaced with a new section. The new stringers were cut to match the rise and run of the existing stringers and then attached to the remaining upper part.

star repair front
stair repair behind


After the new treads and riser boards were cut to match the existing stringers and were installed, the stairs were solid again. The consistent rise and run of each step allow the owners to use the stairs safely and gives them peace of mind.

completed repair


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