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BPI Energy Audits | Weatherization

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Peachtree BPI Certified Services include: Energy audits and weatherization services such as insulation, air sealing, moisture mitigation, and weather proofing.

Mason Testiminial | Gas Fireplace Installation

We have used Peachtree Builders for a number of projects in the past, and last year we made the decision to add a gas fireplace to our living room.  We have had such positive experiences with Peachtree we did not even considered using another contractor for this enhancement.  We started the process by selecting the fireplace we felt we wanted, and then contacted Richard to discuss options.  Not knowing exactly what kind of enclosure we wanted, we relied on Richard to walk us through options available and get his thoughts on the most appropriate option to fit our living room.  He came back with a number of proposals and pictures that we were able to refine and design the perfect fit for our room.  The creation of the built-in and its installation were handled perfectly, with Richard coordinating everything from the connection of the gas line to the installation of the fireplace in the enclosure he built.  It has been a great addition to our home

The Masons
Hartford Vt.


Installation of a gas fireplace requires less disruption of the home.

After the wall behind the unit is roughed in for electrical and the vent is placed through the wall to the outside, it is ready to install. No additional support or new chimney is needed.

ruffedin gas fireplace installation

Once the unit is in place, the focus is now on the cabinetwork and trim to make it the centerpiece of the room. With a little imagination, it develops into a stunning presentation.

finished gas fireplace installtion
closeup of finished gas firepalce
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