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Bathroom Remodel Case Study

Below is a study of bathroom remodel with the goals to update style, improve function, and create a luxurious shower.

Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in the house, yet one of the busiest - especially during family morning crunch time. A well-designed bathroom is an important asset to any home.

The vanity area
The vanity was moved from the original location to make room for the new, almost 24-square-foot tile shower. We reused the cabinet boxes and face frames and installed new doors, drawers, pulls, and hardware (soft-closing hinges and drawer slides) The owners needed more storage space and better organization. They also needed better lighting and wanted to replace the outdated fixtures. vanity area before


vanity area after

The power outlets at the end of the base cabinet and inside the upper cabinet are very useful and add function, but are not visible so they don’t detract from the beauty.

The dark cherry cabinets add a punch of color contrast, and the raised panel detail was added onto the end of the base cabinet to enable its reuse, which saved the owners some money to invest in nicer fixtures.

The new linear installation of the vanity functions much better because two people can comfortably use it at the same time, whereas before they were squeezed into the corner.


The cramped fiberglass shower was removed to make room for the toilet and vanity.
The owners wanted a more spacious shower with updated fixtures and better lighting.

shower before


The new tile shower is much larger (almost 24 square feet). The glass wall helps allows natural light into the shower and the rest of the room. It also helps make the shower and the rest of the room feel more spacious. The position of the multi-head shower tower allows for the shower to be used without a door or curtain, which makes for less cleaning, easier maintenance, and saved money for the owners to use on better lighting.
new shower area new shower glass wall new multi show head

Other features that were added include niches for organization
and a splash of halogen lighting to bring out the beauty and contrast
of the colors and textures (tile, quartz, glass, and chrome fixtures).


The old tub did not have water jets and would not match the new decor.

old tub area


The soaker tub was replaced by an air bathtub.
Air bathtubs have heated air jets and can cost less for purchase
and installation than water jet tubs. They also can be more energy-efficient
to operate and easier to maintain. Air baths are quieter when operating than water jet tubs.
The air bath has a much more comfortable shape and features air jets and a handheld sprayer so that the owner can have a truly relaxing retreat at the end of a busy day.
The halogen light on a dimmer switch splashes just enough light so the bather can read a little of his or her favorite book or magazine.
new tub area
tub glass wall The savings on the air tub allowed the owner to invest more in fixtures like crystal knobs and a handheld sprayer.
The quartz on the tub deck looks good and is easy to clean, with no grout lines. The glass between the tub and shower helps the tub area feel spacious and less closed-in.


The toilet and linen closet were moved to allow space for the vanity.
The removal of the partition from around the toilet and linen closet gave the room
a much more spacious feel. The new toilet uses less water and flushes well.
toilet area before
new toilet location


The linen closet adds more usable space and makes the room feel more open.
lenen closet before
linen closet after
The new floor brought the whole concept together.


Tile was outdated and hard to clean, and the grout was hard to clean.
old tile floor
The new tile is a 13″x20″ ceramic laid in a subway pattern with an
accent border that was also used in the shower.
Today’s grouts are much more durable and more stain-resistant than older grouts.
The tile is laid over a radiant-heated floor which removes the cold tile feeling and makes
for a much more pleasurable bathing experience. Radiant heat is better when possible;
it is more efficient and more comfortable to heat surfaces in a room than to heat the air.
(The warm floor will warm you and the air.)
new heated stone floor


Floor plan before
floor plan before
Floor plan After
floor plan after
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